New Year’s Eve plans look a LOT different for us moms with small kids in the house, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t ring in the New Year and celebrate with everyone else. Ours will just be a NEW kind of New Year’s party, and that’s totally ok.

If your NYE plans this year include pint-sized party go-ers, here are some fun, family-friendly ways to ring in 2017.

  1. Dress up. Who cares if you never leave your living room? Getting dressed up is a fun, festive way to celebrate with your kids.
  2. Celebratory drinks. Ok, so MAYBE the baby bottle doesn’t exactly scream party beverage, but you can still cheers with them and toast your kids’ sippy cups filled with sparkling water. They’ll LOVE it!
  3. Happy apps. Set out some of your family’s favorite snacks like you would if you were throwing a real party. The kids will get a kick out of the party spread.

I’m even planning to bring out the real serveware this year. A risky move with a two year old, but if a piece gets broken, it gives me a great excuse to go back to Tanger. #sorryimnotsorry

  1. Photo booth fun. This is a MUST. Grab some sparkly props from your closest convenience store and set up a corner of the living room for some funny and festive photos.
  2. Have a sleepover. Invite the kids’ cousins or closest friends to party with you. And, if you’re lucky, their parents may return the favor and keep them for you and your hubby to go out one night. Everybody wins!
  3. Record the year. If your kids are older, have them record some of their favorite memories of the past year or do this yourself for your babies/toddlers.
  4. Dance party. Why not, right? My oldest loves it when we play music and dance around the living room.
  5. Ring in the New Year (early)! While you might be up for a midnight feeding, your party will likely end at the littles’ bedtime. Set the countdown clock to their bed time and celebrate THAT moment with them. (Bedtime is a moment worth celebrating every night, right mommas?)

Having a party with your kids, big or small, is an awesome way to start the New Year and it’s guaranteed to be memorable for them. So, make the most of your at-home party and have a blast with those babies!

And for all you mommas who opted to get a sitter and go out for the night…party on! We’ll be living vicariously through your Instagram from the comfort of our own beds. At 10 PM.

Happy New Year to you all!

How will you be celebrating the New Year with your littles?  Comment and share them with me on Facebook and Instagram using #TangerMom and tagging @TangerOutlets.

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