Well, mommas… You’ve made it to the week before Christmas but by now you may be thinking “please, just let this be over.”

The holiday hustle and bustle is not for the faint of heart but the packing, wrapping and baking can wait. For now, let’s take a step back and really focus on what’s important this season.

So…grab a glass of wine, sit back and let these holiday survival tips simmer for a few minutes!

(And it’s totally ok if you have to hide in your closet to have time to read this in peace. We’ve ALL been there. No judgement here.)

Savor the Moments

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the shopping, parties and holiday to-do lists. And let’s be honest, not many of us truly know how to relax anymore. We gave up on that about two weeks into being a mom.

I make it a point each holiday season to spend a few moments every day really letting the joy of this time of year sink in. Even if it’s those few seconds every evening when we turn the Christmas lights on and my kids faces glow brighter than any strand of lights ever could.

THAT, for me, is pure joy and helps remind me of why everything else is so totally worth it.

Build Your Own Traditions

This is a big one because it’s all the small, seemingly unimportant things that will be remembered. In my house, we have Christmas Eve presents with holiday pjs (always followed by a funny photo shoot) and a movie marathon before putting the cookies and milk out for Santa.

Take time to make your own family traditions or carry on those that you remember so fondly from your childhood. You’ll be glad you did!

And if you need a little inspiration, here are a few ideas.


Gifts with a Purpose

As moms, “giving” is something that comes a little TOO easily. We give all year long but it’s especially hard to reign in this mommy talent during the holidays. To keep myself in check, I’ve started following a simple 5 Gift Rule.

I’m not saying that Christmas morning shouldn’t be exciting and fun for the littles, but it’s important to me and my family that we give gifts to each other that are more than just “wants”.

However, all bets are off with their stockings! And I’m hoping the hubby puts a little Tanger Gift Card in there for me. (HINT HINT)

So there you have it! Now, finish that glass of wine (or grab another) and get back to the wrapping and baking. Afterall, you only have a week left. 😉

Happy Holidays, Mommas! Wishing you and your families the very best.

What are some of your family’s favorite traditions? Comment and share them with me on Facebook and Instagram using #TangerMom and tagging @TangerOutlets.

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